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I know, I know, it's past 12:01AM on November 1, so technically, memories of Halloween should be flushed way out of everybody's system and we should be knee deep in fabricated holiday cheer by now, but I'm reluctant to move on. At least, until I've documented Zombie Halloween 2009: The Year It Rained:
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So yeah, it rained. I kept obsessively checking the weather reports all week, because the idea of dancing "Thriller" with 4 layers of pancake makeup running down to my squishy sneakers sounded awful. So by Halloween night, the mantra became, "Just let us get through the parade without drowning PLEEEEEEASE...". And we did.

courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan
Well, we sort of did.

snap snap snap
We made it through the picture-taking portion of the evening. Seriously, if you ever wanted to find out what it feels like to be the kind of person who appears daily on Perez, make yourself a decent costume and go down to the parade. The papparazzi (and wannarazzi) are out of control.

Here's some of what it looked like:

This is thrillerrrr

Thriller night!

No one's gonna save you from the beast about to strike

So, the parade was mostly fun, and even though the sky opened up (and partially ruined my makeup, and permanently dyed anything I was wearing a blotchy scarlet, including my skin and my I-Probably-Shouldn't-Have-Worn-It Victoria's Secret underthings), the rain waited until we were PAST all the tv cameras and news anchorfolk parked at 10th street, so we didn't look like a troupe of drowned rats instead of zombies on the teevee. It's a little over a week since I did the annunual homage to the King of Pop, Zombie-style, and my skin is finally back to its normal shade, instead of streaks of scarlet and white pankcake.

And I must give out some Halloween Superlatives:
My Mom, who decided at the last minute to come and walk the parade route with me as one of the "Zombie Guard" who keep people and photographers from closing in on us while we dance. She did a great job of pushing paparazzi out of the way, and didn't flinch when it started pouring on us. Also, she helped me fix my makeup in a grungy bathroom in Penn station so I could go out and party after she went home. Thanks, Mom.

[ profile] charlotte_webb: She made her kid's costume BY HAND, and let me tell you, the directions I gave her were NOT easy, and she did a GREAT job. Sorry char, you can't use the "I am not crafty" excuse anymore. You are officially crafty.

[ profile] petit_chou: Who made her costume in under an hour. I may make pretty good costumes, but I can't make them fast, so when Heather called me the morning of, asking for sewing tips, I was SO PLEASED with her costume outcome. SO CUTE.

And I give myself a small superlative, for learning how to make infected bite marks. I love using latex, it's fun.
(it looked a little better before it got rained on, but it held up well!)

...I guess it's time for Christmastime planning now, huh?
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