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Being less than gainfully employed leaves me a lot of time to peruse things that are being broadcast through the idiot box. I love me some teevee, having not had time to watch much of it until recently. I have discovered that there is one metric shit ton of garbage out there to be watched. I guess the advent of netflix and On Demand has left the door open for a lot of crap to hit the free airwaves us poor folk have to watch.

Since 'Tis The Season for me to spend lots of money I don't have on stuff my friends and family don't need so they know how much I love them, Gap had to come up with their yearly "BUY THESE AWESOME HATS AND SCARVES YOU GUYS! WAAAAAY COOLER THAN LAST YEAR'S HATS AND SCARVES!" commercial. I actually didn't hate some of their commercials from previous years, but this one? It's a Big 8 School type cheer that includes the words "Kwanzaa" and "Solstice". I dislike it so much, I change the channel every time it comes on.

I would bet money that the ad execs who pitched this were thinking "DIVERSITY! ACCEPTANCE! EVERYONE IS WELCOME!", but what I heard is, "FIND A REASON, ANY REASON, TO SPEND MONEY THIS WINTER!".

At least the Gap ad is seasonal. It'll stop running in a month. The first time I saw this Depends commercial, I really thought it was a gag. I had to see it 3 different times before I believed that they were legitimately selling a product.

The mention of the product comes so far out of left field that instead of having that light bulb moment of, "OH! I get it now!", I sit there for the next 2 or 3 ads going, "...wait. What the hell do adult diapers have to do with driving?". Also, if the time ever comes where I require such a product *knock wood*, I want an ad that says, "YO, IF YOU PISS YOURSELF, THIS PRODUCT WILL MAKE SURE NOBODY NOTICES." Leave all that cutesy Men Are From Mars crap for an M&M"s commercial.

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Aw, Sethy baby, you know I love you boo. I'm there for you for
every musical theater joke you slip into your shows, and I applaud all of them.

...But this Cleveland show?
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I've never SEEN such shit as this outside of Public Access television. At least sometimes on your other programs, you hit on something that is offensively funny. Way to go. But this show? It's just offensive. And never funny. Please just do us all a favor and kill it now. Nothing ever makes it in the spin off, you know that.

...well, except Frasier, but we all know you're not smart enough to produce something like that.
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