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I need suggestions for a new haircut. I'm lining it up with my 10 year coughcough High School reunion next week (because in the immortal words of [ profile] crushjunky and Missy Misdemeanor Elliot, I should get my hairrrrrrr did.)

This is what my hair looks like on a good day. I like it a lot, but it's a ridiculous amount of maintenance, and I've seen lots of photos where the length of the bangs is very unflattering for my face.
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...Of course, I haven't had it cut in awhile, so it's all grown out and I'm reduced to putting what little hair I have in a stubby little pony and letting the bangs hang out all over the place, trying to give the impression that "of course I wanted it to look this way!"
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I'm looking at any of these cuts, which are all pretty much the same thing, and I'm not sure I picked these photos as ones I like because I like the CUT or because all the models have the same hair color as I do, making it easy for me to envision the cuts on my head.
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I like looks that are choppy, preferably done with a razor and flatironed. Not such a fan of the "Classy" bob, Allison Janney circa The West Wing. Does anyone have any additional suggestions?
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