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Dear MTA,
I just want to let you know; your 1-day Fun Pass Metrocard is a full on bullshit ripoff. It's supposed to be good for 24 hours after your purchase it, but it seems as if now you've decided they "go bad" any time after midnight of the date that you bought it? Not knowing this, I offered a "Hey, I paid for it already!" right home to my friend who was doing a show at UCB tonight, only to find out it had timed out. That's bullshit, MTA... that fucking card cost me $8.25. It should have lasted all night, and having it come up blaring "INSUFFICIENT FARE" was embarrassing, to say the least. Look, I know I'm not really cool with money right now, and so do you. You don't need to rub it in.

I swiped her in with my "Emergency card" and then bought myself a Singleride in Quarters that have been riding around in my pocket for awhile.

On the ride home, there was a boy (I guess you could say "man", but he had a boyish face) who kept falling asleep and then JUMPING to attention at every stop. Then, realizing this was not his stop, he would sit down to doze again. Feeling bad, I finally tapped his food and said, "What stop are you? You keep jumping up at every stop. I'll tap you when it's time to get off," to find he lives at my stop. I made sure he got off at the right time, but he seemed annoyed about it. Sorry dude. Just trying to make sure you didn't end up in Corona.

I give upon the MTA, and everyone else tonight. It's just that kind of evening.
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