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Shut up.

I'm waxing poetic here.

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Birthdate:May 19
Location:New York, United States of America

I'm slowly losing my mind in the dregs of New York City.

and I'm writing a journal about it.

.....oh, and that was me who you saw push that lady out of the way and take her taxi this morning. WHAT? I was running late for an audition, and anyway, at 9 months pregnant, i'm SURE another cab will totally stop for her right away. Certainly before she delivers the kid, I'm sure.

...anyway Lady, sorry about that.

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a tree grows in brooklyn, acting, balloon animals, ben folds, boys in black glasses, british boys, broadway, broadway dance center, buying alcohol for minors, central park, costuming, dance dance revolution, dancer's feet, dilapidated mansions, face painting, false bravado, hating children, hipsters, i don't really watch it., irish dancing, irony, jeans & t-shirt combo, juggling diabolo, knitting, little debbie cosmo brownies, long island city, making out, national actor's theatre, new york city, not being the david, now that i make it, only black jellybeans, orange gobstoppers, other bands that start with b., pedicures, performing, pigtails, playing dress up, posing, posing whilst posturing, posing-and-also-posturing, sewing, sex, sitting on the grass, sketch comedy, sleeping, sneakers, snow, sparklies, spring, stand up comedy, stretching, the genius collective, theater, theatre, trespassing, tribeca film festival, tribeca productions, vespa scooters, walking, wearing jeans under dresses, wet hot american summer, witty banter champion '81, your mom
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